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peter dht asked 2 years ago

Is \”Allahu akbar\” a prayer word or such a thing in islam? why this sentence is being used in wars and self explosions? should i fear when i hear allahu akbar?

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313thadmin Staff answered 1 year ago

الله اکبر
Allahu + Akbar  means lord(allah) is the greatest. that means there is nothing more important than god ore more lovely than him.
Muslim when starting to pray or any important job, say allahu akbar that means there is nothing more important than allah and i’m doing what i am just for sake of allah.
unfortunately  Some wrong muslims believe god has allowed them to kill any non muslim (even muslims!!) so they call allahu akbar when doing any kind of violent behavior to declare that they are doing that for sake of allah. (sure they are wrong). now i invite you to listen music “allahu akbar” by sami yusuf to hear this sentence in a more calm way: