Responsive Shia – QuestionsDo shia muslims hate american or europan people?
Gobelz asked 2 years ago

I heard many times in news; harsh sentences like “We will crush America” or “down with America”  shia muslims burn obelisk and Americas Flag. Do shia muslims hate americans and europan people? do they have any enmity with them?

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313thadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello dear visitor, thank you for submitting your question.
Racism or or any kind of Bigotry is blamed in islamic law, being arab, persian, african, european or american make no difference in  one’s individualities. the only characteristic may cause difference between people is their deeds, faith and Piety ( Taghva – تقوی) , holy quran says: 
“O you mankind, surely We created you of a male and a female, and We have made you races and tribes that you may get mutually acquainted. Surely the most honorable among you in the Providence of Allah are the most pious; surely Allah is Ever-Knowing, Ever-Cognizant.” (al-hujurat-13).

 The Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) said, ‘Whoever is bigoted or partial [to a false cause], or incites partisanship around himself and his own causes [unlawfully], the knot binding him to faith is untied from around his neck.

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shia peoples problem with USA is in cause of The doctrine america’s government has chosen. supporting israel ( in fact being supported by israel! ), Interference in other nations policies, supporting wars, spreading nudism, utilitarianism and egocentrism and backing capitalism is making the world more dark and Miserable. that is the problem shia islam have with some countries, and we have no problem with people from any race ( however their votes and  taxes are making  these governments stronger ) the best fellows of our prophet were from africa, persia, egypt and . . .. if USA and britain end supporting terrorism, war, Drug, zionism, homosexualism, machiavellianism, utilitarianism and other immoral doctrines,  They are just like other people and they will be warmly welcome with any religion they believe.