Responsive Shia – QuestionsDo all shia muslims self beating?
313thadmin Staff asked 2 years ago

When i search the word: “Shia muslim” in Internet, i see lots of bloody self beating images and videos.  are they real?  Are Actions like this normal in shia society?
shia self beating

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313thadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

hi bro.
any action which causes  severe injury to body is not allowed in islam law (except for a higher benefit like what imam hossein did in battle of karbala).
but some minorities of shia muslims believe that they can sympathize with imam hossein by beating themselves with cutlass.
most of shia leaders banned such an action and I as a 21 years old shia muslim who lives in iran, Never have seen such a self beating  shown on google image closely.
Unfortunately a small population of shia muslims yet believe that self beating is good for faith and kindness to imam hossein but major population of shia society condemn it and believe such actions may have negative effect on physiognomy of shia low.
self beating banned for all shia mulims