Why Muslims can’t live in peace with the rest of the world

Why Muslims can't live in peace with the rest of the world


The main desire of a real muslim is peace for whole the world.

shia and sunni muslims believe that the are not allowed to attack to any region except when they try to hurt them.

but some takfiri pseudo muslims like some of wahhabi people, salafis, and groups like al qaeda and isil believe that if they prove the target is pagan or unbeliever, they could easily behead them, then i should tell you there is nothing of islam with them! they are just cancer tumors sticking to body of real islam.

Whole the qur’an recommends people to feed the poor, Take Custody of orphans and take care of them in the best way.

Lest read some hadith and ayah:

«Trust who has trusted you, and do not berate who betrayed you» _Muhhamad, pbuh_

<فمن شاء فلیؤمن و من شاء فلیکفر > Whole wants to believe, believe and whoever want to disbelieve, disbelieve. (Holy Quran)

<مُداراةُ الناسِ نِصفُ الايمان و الرِّفقُ بهم نصف العَيش> Toleration with people is hald of the faith, and friendship with them is half of the pleasure. _Muhammad pbuh_

<عَلامَةُ المؤمِنِ، فَإنَّه يَرؤُفٌ> Kindness is sign of the faithfull. _Muhammad pbuh_

But you see some time there is heavy disagreement between muslims and worlds powers.

yes because of hungry children in africa, because of illegally occupied lands of palestine, because of a big lie named holucots which zionism is milking the world by that, be cause of wars, weapon trades, spreading nudity, weakening families, and so much other causes, muslims cannot accept political powers of the world as valid ones.

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