Why muslims burn US flag? do they hate american people?


Now, in iran, decade of fajr has started, anniversary for triumph of islamic revolution.

in these days many people and organizations show disrespect to american flag obviously, the question is, do iranian or other muslims who burn american flag hate american people? do they wish to do the same thing with american people?

Why muslims burn US flag

We are going to have another question, what is a flag sign of?

people of a country or their government?

this image shows changes of iran’s flag by change of its government.

Why muslims burn US flag

and here is Germany’s nazi era and current flag.

Why muslims burn US flag

you see flag is sign of government not people or land!

when we received images like this one which shows how much american people could be kind with muslims,

Why muslims burn US flag

we thought that lest showing disrespect to us flag make them think we have the same feeling to US people.

A muslim is never allowed to hate someone because of his nationality.

American people are loved like other parts of humankind.

US government is hated while spreads war and terrorism, keeps africa and other nations in misery, and tries to rule the world by its incomplete ideology, and while it supports the real stan: Zionism.

and yet i hope a better way could be found to point more directly peoples hate to american government and zionist ideology.


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