Why Islam is the worst religion and should be eliminated 1

why islam is the worst


We would have some talk about why islam is the worst religion:

the first principal of islam is “وحدت” or oneness of the god, i’m sure you have heard when they call “la ilaha ila allah” that means there is no god except allah and they hardly insist on it and if any muslim deny this super important principal, he will become unbeliever.

what’s their problem with multiplicity of gods?  did any problem occurred for indians and greek people whom believed in hundreds of gods? many almighty gods with super powers and may be some of them have created the other ones, creators whom are created, what’s the problem? one, two, three, does the number matter?

one god for each person on the world, isn’t it better?

multiplicity of gods will allow us to define a god for any of natural phenomenons like earthquake, drought, eclipse and make major people to believe if they do an specific action (which we, the smarter people desire) the problem will be sorted out. in such way we can control unaware people with a non violent trick.

also multiple gods will allow us (the one percent who knows the truth) to prevent unity of people, divided people are so easy to control, when people believe in a single god, their beliefs will become closer and they will become united against us.

unfortunately people like spinosa and many muslim philosophers made a lot of evidence on unity of god, we tried hard many years to split this god by injecting many definitions of islamic god in their culture.

making christian god split was so easy, father, son, holy spirit and they believe it so deep in their heart.

islamic god is united and almighty, he dont wrestle with anyone, he dont really share his power with others, no one can steal his fire, he is all seeing, all hearing, and so on, so people who believe in such a god become unbeatable, israel with a extra equipped army lose the 33 days war against lebanon (hizbollah) just because muslims believed in a unite god. hopefully we have used the same power to create people like ISIL (daesh) against themselves and you see how the attention, money and energy of middle east governments is being spent on killing people of their selves yes we made axe to cut its helve.

believing in a almighty and all hearing god whom have no needs, make the believers to have a supernatural Self Confidence they easily rise against oppression even if their number is half of the oppressors.

so first, we should beat the first principal of islam and make doubt about unity of their lord. it will make other steps so easy and make our “New World Order” happen sooner.

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