Which Islam is True

which islam is true?


In this era, there is many islams which every one introduces itself as the real islam

what are differences?

islam is not just a religion, islamic thinkers claim that islam is a complete ideology which have the capabilities to be used as an “ism” (like liberalism, communism, etc.) for all the world.

yes! islam has revealed to be a worldwide platform. till muhammad صل الله علیه و آله the messenger of allah was alive, propagation of islam has advanced by utterance and word, and sword has only used against unbelievers who desired to fight, but after islamic world lost its founder and no one paid attention to successor whom has been recommended by holy prophet, real islam, the religion of peace, love and wisdom faced off and due to lack of doctrine, used sword in place of word to propagate religion, many people got killed, epochal libraries borned in fire, and islams army enslaved people in the name of islam.

in this website, we are going to tell the world, nevertheless the real doctrine of islam exists and we can work together to extract the principles and apply it to aging wounds of humanity and society.

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