Best way to worship Allah

best worship


When one worships a being, naturally points it’s\his properties;

So there should be ,any kinds of worship for a being, so what is the best kind of worship, to worship Allah like that?

Imam Ali says thu:

ما عبدتك طمعاً في جنتك ذاك عباد التجار و لاخوفا من نارك ذاك عباده العبيد، بل وجدتك اهلا للعباده فعبدتك

Oh lord; i dont worship you for your paradise, that’s the worship of businessmen, and i dont worship you in fear of your hell, that’s the worship of slaves, i worship you because i have found you befitting to worship, so my lord, i worship you.

imam ali worships god by gods quiddity (essence) not his attributes like gods Mercifulness, being almighty, his infinite power and etc. we call such a worship “اخلاص” or sincerity. if we worship god by his attributes those attributes will become our desire, not allah’s essence that means we love allah because of those attributes while real love is loving allah for himself not by greed and fear!

sura “اخلاص” the 112th sura of quran is the only sura that mentions allah by his essence not his attributes, and its the sura which is highly recommended to be recited in daily prayer “صلاة”.

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