?Imam Khomeini’s 14 recommendations to the Muslim Youth?


● Carry out the five ritual prayers at the prescribed times.
● Fast on Mondays and Thursdays.
● Reduce the time for your sleep and read more often the Quran.
● Pay attention to every promises and agreements and keep them.
● Give the needy donations [ sadaqah ]
● Keep yourself away from slander.
● Do not take part in festivities with much spending and luxury and also don’t organize such festivals.
● Wear simple clothes.
● Do not talk much.
● Work out (gymnastics , hiking, mountain climbers , wrestling, swimming )
● Read a lot (religious , social, political , scientific and philosophical articles, quotes , speeches … ) .
● Learn Technical things (driving, mechanics, electricity)
● Learn Arabic pronunciation and grammar
● Forget your good deeds, but remember your previous sins.

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